We are Autumn and Victor, the faces behind Don't Blink Photography! We are based out of Holland, Michigan but ALWAYS down to travel!! We've been together for eight years now and got married in the fall of 2021!

Keep reading to learn a little more about us!


Photography has always been something that has pulled at my heart strings. I love that it allows you to pause any single moment in time.

My parents bought me my very first point and shoot camera at 10 years old. I would bring my camera on all the family trips, taking pictures of everything around me. Several years and several upgrades later, I now own a photography business with my wonderful husband. It brings me such joy being able capture these memories for others.

Besides photography, I'm a coffee connoisseur - hot, iced, frozen, you name it! Now, if we add a good book and a comfy blanket, I'm in paradise! I firmly believe pineapple DOES belong on pizza. And you can always catch me freaking out with excitement ANYtime i see a dog!


I created Don’t Blink Photography about 8 years ago as an outlet for what I believed to be something worth sharing. I never imagined that it would grow into what it is today but I am beyond honored to be the people that so many choose to capture their most special moments. As a photographer, I immerse myself in the moment and create an image from my perspective. My passion, personality, creativity, and really a part of me goes in to each picture I create and I love being able to tell stories through my work. 

Photography aside, I am all about adventure. I love so many outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking, running, soccer, and most recently Spikeball on the beach. I might not be pointing out every dog we walk by but I have been referred to as a jukebox more than a few times. If you listen closely you might hear me randomly singing under my breath or start singing if you say a random word or phrase that’s in a catchy song.